According to google analytics my highest viewed posts (in descending order) are:

  1. Transform app.config and web.config: In this post I explain how you can transform your application and web config files easily using ConfigTransform and SlowCheetah.
  2. Fiddler’s basic and advanced features: Fiddler is an amazing free http proxy for windows. A lot of developers use Fiddler but only very few features of it. In these two posts I try to cover most features of this cool tool.
  3. Developer productivity tools and visual studio extensions: A list of windows and Visual Studio productivity tools and extensions I was using around May 2012. My list has changed a bit since mostly because I am currently using Mac :)
  4. Introducing BDDfy: Simply put BDDfy is the best but not the most popular BDD framework for .Net ;-) In this post I introduce the framework and provide an index to other posts I have written about it over time.
  5. Automated UI Testing Done Right: I gave a talk at DDDSydney about ways to make automated UI tests easier to write and maintain. This post provides slides, code and background info about the talk. In near future I will add a link to the recording of the talk too.
  6. ORM anti-pattern series: In this series I try to cover some of the ORM anti-patterns I have come across over the years. Most of these issues have huge impact on your project architecture, maintainability, user experience, database and network load and some of them could complicate your project to the point of paralysis. Out of this series Persistence vs. Domain Model and Lazy Loading posts have been hit the most.
  7. Why I don’t mind VS2012 ALL CAPS menu: A lot of devs seemed unhappy about Visual Studio 2012 ALL CAPS menu; but I did not and don’t mind it and I think you should not either. This post may not be as relevant now; but there are still a few tricks that you may find useful.
  8. Introducing Humanizer: A micro-framework that turns your normal strings, type names, enum fields, date fields ETC into a human friendly format
  9. Definition of Done in an MVC project: This could be a good starting point for definition of done in any project - particularly web projects.
  10. Dealing with net negative production programmers: Net Negative Producing Programmers are those who insert enough spoilage to exceed the value of their production.

If you have read these posts before thanks for following and if you haven’t I hope you find some of it useful.

Thanks for reading.