Code generation pros and cons and T4 Template

Code generation is almost always a code smell; but every once in a while you come across a problem where code generation just might be the right the solution

Never judge a programmer by their commit history

Never judge a programmer by their commit history. No matter how good a programmer you are, there are times you're going to do a crappy work

Better release notes for your git repository

I just started using a new format for 'release notes' which addresses quite a few issues and removes the need to use GitHub releases

GitHub wish list

Here is a wish list of changes and improvements that I think would make GitHub better for a lot of developers

Announcing Software Quotes website

Software Quotes website allows you to easily discover and share some awesome software quotes

Humanizer is now a Portable Class Library

Humanizer is now a Portable Class Library with support for .Net 4 and higher versions, SilverLight 5, Windows Phone 8 and Win Store applications

A few healthy habits for office workers

Over the years I have developed a few habits which I think help me stay healthier despite my somewhat physically unhealthy job

Continuous Integration & Delivery For GitHub With TeamCity

This is an end-to-end tutorial for setting up Continuous Integration and Delivery for a GitHub project using TeamCity

Humanizer hit V1

Humanizer just hit V1. Use Humanizer on your .Net projects to make your code and user interface more human-friendly.