[Update]: Since this post Humanizer has gone a long way. It has also been featured on Scott Hanselman’s blog on his ‘NuGet of the week’ series. Please check out the project homepage on GitHub to see the latest.

Humanizer V1 only worked with .Net 4 and higher versions. Soon after the release I got a request to turn it to a Portable Class Library.

Robert McLaws kindly sent me a pull request that changed the project to Portable Class Library. We still had a few issues like the missing DescriptionAttribute on PCL that I coded around using reflection and missing CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.TextInfo.ToTitleCase(input) that had to be implemented from scratch; but no major dramas.

As part of this conversion I also changed the build process from the old MSBuild script to a clean CI build on TeamCity with support for automatic build and test run for checkins and pull request notification.

In the new version:

  • Humanizer is a Portable Class Library with support for .Net 4+, SilverLight 5, Windows Phone 8 and Win Store applications.
  • The Humanizer symbols nuget package is published so you can step through Humanizer code while debugging your code.
  • There are a few improvements like the new ToQuantity method and smarter Singularize and Pluralize methods. More info can be found here. Thanks Rob Moore for the help.

Happy New Year and happy humanizing!